Our suppliers are our partners

They support our operations, like our generation assets, gas exploration and production assets, and LPG business. Our suppliers are critical to ensuring we deliver affordable and sustainable energy solutions to our customers.

At Origin, procurement is more than just the purchase of goods and services.

Procurement is an opportunity for us to have a positive impact across communities.

  • We support regional suppliers across Australia, and in the communities we operate in
  • We support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander-owned businesses
  • We support small-to-medium enterprises

We ensure that we procure responsibly, and from suppliers who share our values.

Australia Pacific LNG Regional Buy Program

Regional Buy program

We’re investing in local communities by supporting regional businesses.

Supporting Indigenous Business

Supporting Indigenous business

We procure from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses across Australia. Our procurement commitments can be found in our Reconciliation Action Plan.

Australian Supplier Payment Code

Supplier Payment Code for Small Business

We know that when small businesses thrive this creates good energy for our community and economy.

We procure responsibly

Responsible Procurement

We partner with suppliers who share our values

We recognise that our purchasing decisions have far-reaching consequences for our communities and environment.

That’s why we’re committed to improving our supply chain’s social, ethical and environmental footprint.

We select suppliers who share this purpose to make a lasting, positive difference in our communities.

We are accountable in our payments to small business suppliers

Making on-time payments to our small business suppliers creates good energy for our community and economy.

We are also accountable for our on-time payments commitment through our bi-annual reporting to the Australian Government’s Payment Times Reporting Scheme.

We understand that in order to thrive, small businesses rely on prompt and on-time payment.

Responsible Procurement

We recognise that our business has a responsibility to help combat modern slavery

Combating modern slavery is a key part of running a sustainable business. Our 2021 Modern Slavery Statement outlines our progress in identifying, assessing, prioritising and addressing modern slavery risks in our operations and supply chain. Taking these steps to combat modern slavery reflects our core value of caring about our impact. 

In order to partner with Origin, we expect our suppliers to demonstrate the required attributes in the following areas:

  • Labour and human rights
  • Health and safety
  • Environmental
  • Communities
  • Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting
  • Business integrity
  • Supply Chain

Responsible Procurement