Origin is a founding member of the Energy Charter, a world-first initiative by energy companies across the supply chain championing five customer principles that support making energy easier and simpler.

We want customers to have confidence that they are paying a fair price for energy and receive a service they recognise as value for money. Energy prices are higher than customers expect, and energy pricing has become confusing, with different products and offers, conditional discounting and practices that make it hard for consumers to confidently choose a retailer.

The Energy Charter brings the energy sector across retail, generation and networks together for the first time, with a pledge from the signatory companies to publicly report on how they are all doing against agreed customer commitments. This is a first step in providing greater transparency to our customers.

Over the next year, we will focus on a range of improvements including addition of further low-cost renewable energy supply, improving the functionality of our products and experiences, and continuing to embed a customer-centric approach across our business.

The principles of The Energy Charter align with Origin’s purpose of getting energy right for our customers, communities and planet.

Frank Calabria

Chief Executive Officer

The Energy Charter Annual Disclosure Statement 2019