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Sustainability Report 2011

Welcome to Origin’s 10th Sustainability Report. Since 2001, we have been reporting voluntarily on our success in meeting the commitments we make to our key stakeholders.

Sustainability Report 2010

Across the company FY 2010 has been a year of acting for the future - delivering major projects, scaling up internal systems and capability, and engaging with the people who care most about the decisions we make.

Sustainability Report 2009

Welcome to Origin’s eighth Sustainability Report. The objective of this report is to provide an understanding of our financial, environmental and social performance as it affects our key stakeholders.

Sustainability Report 2008

We will be at the forefront of sustainable practices, contributing to a positive future for our customers, our communities, our investors and ourselves.

Sustainability Report 2007

This report, our sixth, sets out our commitment to continue to create value in a more sustainable way and to be at the forefront of sustainable practices.

Sustainability Report 2006

During 2006, a team drawn from across Origin Energy, reviewed our sustainability objectives, to ensure we balanced the interests of all our stakeholders.

Sustainability Report 2005

This, our fourth sustainability report, focuses on building and improving our performance against our current sustainability objectives

Sustainability Report 2004

We review our progress in measuring and addressing those impacts which we are most able to influence through our activities.

Sustainability Report 2003

Virtually every action we take impacts the environment, our communities and the economy. At Origin Energy, we are committed to improving the sustainabilty of our business by measuring and addressing those impacts which are most capable of being improved significantly by our activities.

Sustainability Report 2002

Origin Energy is focused on owning, developing and procuring energy and related products and services to provide customers with better choices to meet their energy needs.