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Production and revenue grows strongly in the December quarter

Origin’s quarterly production of 80.1 PJe represented a 47 per cent increase on the corresponding period in FY2016 and an 8 per cent increase on the September 2016 quarter. This primarily reflected increased LNG production by Australia Pacific LNG and the commencement of production from Halladale and Speculant in the Otway Basin.

Origin Income Tax Transparency Report 2016

Origin makes a significant contribution to the communities in which it operates, including by paying income tax, payroll tax, rates and royalties. Read our updated full Income Tax Transparency Report.

Shareholder Review 2016

See our Shareholder Review, which provides a concise overview of our financial performance for the 2016 financial year. The report also includes a section outlining why we believe our strategy for operating in a carbon-constrained world is the right one for Origin and our stakeholders.

Sustainability Report 2016

The purpose of this report is to provide a high level of transparency on Origin’s approach to sustainability and the choices we have made on environmental, social and economic outcomes so we can deliver on our responsibility to provide a reliable, affordable and sustainable supply of energy to the communities we serve.

Full year results 2016

Strong operational performance with earnings impacted by low oil prices, material debt reduction of $4 billion.