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Contact Energy Limited – 2014 Retail Bond Offer update

With regards to its offer of unsecured, unsubordinated 5.80% bonds, Contact Energy Limited (Contact) has reserved a further $6 million of bonds for allocations to clients of Primary Market Participants under the General Offer.

Contact Energy Limited – Correction to TCC plant operating hours comment by broker

Contact Energy Limited (Contact) is aware of a NZ power market report published by financial broker OMF earlier today indicating that Contact's Stratford based combined-cycle plant (TCC) is unlikely to run over winter 2014 due to less than 1,000 hours of operating time being left until a substantial plant upgrade is required.

Origin responds to drilling materials supply incident

Origin, as Upstream operator of the Australia Pacific LNG Project, has taken the precautionary measure to suspend its drilling operations across 12 rig sites in south west central Queensland to allow for an investigation into a supply incident.

Contact Energy Limited – Half year results

Contact’s earnings have become more predictable with the reduction in gas take-or-pay commitments, the upgrade of the inter-island transmission link and investment in thermal plant flexibility.