As part of our ongoing maintenance and monitoring of the Eraring ash dam, late last year Origin commissioned an engineering review of the facility. This review found that while the dam is stable, this could be affected in the event of a major earthquake. 

As a result, Origin recently contacted the NSW Office of Sport to discuss the findings of the review, given the proximity of the Myuna Bay Recreation Centre, which sits downhill from the ash dam. On our advice, the Office of Sport has agreed to close the Centre to ensure the safety of clients and staff.  

Origin Executive General Manager, Energy Supply & Operations, Greg Jarvis said: “While we understand that the likelihood of a serious seismic event is low, and that a breach of the dam wall is therefore very unlikely, we are taking the only responsible measure by acting on the basis of a worst-case scenario. Origin will always act extremely cautiously in any health or safety matter, and in the best interest of the community.”

Origin is also implementing a range of measures to improve the structure of the Eraring ash dam to align to a worst-case scenario earthquake.

“We understand the significance of the Centre to the local community and acknowledge the inconvenience that this closure causes. We would like to thank the NSW Office of Sport for acting expediently on our advice. We have already completed engineering studies on improvements to the ash dam wall, and we will do everything we can to finalise this as quickly as possible,” Mr Jarvis said.

Origin Energy has offered to compensate the government and this is the subject of continuing negotiations.

These actions do not affect the safe continuing operations of the Eraring Power Station, which is a critical part of the national electricity market, accounting for around 20 per cent of the power needs of NSW. Origin has long stated plans to close the Station at the end of its operating life by 2032.

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