This document presents Origin Energy’s supplementary response to shareholder resolutions 9(b) to 9(f) and should be read in conjunction with the Notice of Annual General Meeting for 2019.

These shareholder resolutions have been requisitioned by a small group of shareholders representing between 0.0145 per cent and 0.018 per cent of Origin’s shares.

The full supporting statements to the shareholder resolutions are included as Attachment 2 to the Notice of Annual General Meeting.

As Australia’s leading energy retailer, Origin aspires to the highest environmental, social and governance standards across our business. Our 2019 Sustainability Report provides a summary of Origin’s performance and is available at

Origin respects the right of shareholders to lodge resolutions and believes that the ability to do so is part of a robust and healthy corporate governance landscape, which promotes dialogue and engagement.

On this occasion, Origin believes the resolutions requisitioned by a minority of shareholders do not have comprehensive regard to Origin’s current targets, policies and practices and many of the assertions lack scientific rigour or peer review or are incorrect.

Origin has prepared this Response to Shareholder Resolutions to detail to shareholders:

  •  what the sponsors of these resolutions are seeking with each of the resolutions;
  •  what Origin’s policy, position or practice is in respect to the matters raised in the resolutions; and
  •  scientific and regulatory positions that support Origin’s response to these resolutions.

Origin does not consider the shareholder resolutions advance the best interests of our broader shareholder base. Therefore, the Board recommends that shareholders vote AGAINST these resolutions.

Response to Shareholder Resolutions

Origin’s Annual General Meeting will be held on 16 October 2019.

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