In accordance with ASX Listing Rule 3.17A, Origin Energy Limited (Origin) gives notice that seven resolutions have been received under section 249N of the Corporations Act from two groups of shareholders for consideration at the Company’s Annual General Meeting to be held on 16 October 2019.

Resolutions 1 to 5 have been requisitioned by shareholders representing approximately 0.0145% of Origin’s shares on issue.

Resolutions 6 and 7 have been requisitioned by a separate group of shareholders representing approximately 0.0180% of Origin’s shares on issue.

The ASX Listing Rules require Origin to lodge this notice within two business days of receipt of the requisition.

Origin respects the right of shareholders to requisition resolutions.

Origin’s Notice of Annual General Meeting will be published in September and will include the Board’s recommendation on each resolution to be considered at the meeting.

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