Origin has today launched a new bill comparison website that will provide personalised savings calculations to customers within seconds.

“Savernator will make it quicker and easier for customers to work out if they can save on their household electricity bill,” says Jon Briskin, Executive General Manager, Retail, Origin.

“There’s no waiting on hold or trying to navigate complex tariffs and discounts with a calculator in hand – in just a few clicks customers will know if they can save with Origin and how much they could save.”

Customers can upload a recent electricity bill to the site and within seconds receive personalised advice letting them know if they can save on their energy bill with Origin.

For customers who don’t have a recent bill handy, the Quick Compare tool will provide them with a savings estimate based on their location, current retailer and estimated household electricity usage.

In keeping with the clarity and transparency of the tool, if a customer is already on a great plan that Origin can’t beat, then the website will congratulate them.

“We’re committed to making it easier to access our best offers and want our customers to be confident in their choice,” added Mr Briskin.

Customers can access Origin’s Savernator tool from today at www.originenergy.com.au.  

Origin has a range of other products and services to help customers with affordability including the market leading Predictable Plan that allows customers to lock in their energy costs for 12 months.

Origin is also investing in future technologies such as Bidgely and Home HQ to help provide customers with greater transparency and control over their energy usage.


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