Origin is expanding its call centres in Melbourne and Adelaide, adding more than 200 new employees as the company deals with a huge influx of Australians seeking a better energy deal. 

The biggest boost to Origin’s call centres in more than five years reaffirms the company’s commitment to making energy simpler for customers and helping them access better offers. It also demonstrates Origin’s determination to make sure customers continue to receive good service amid a substantial increase in customer enquiries.

Jon Briskin, Origin’s Executive General Manager Retail said, “We have been experiencing significantly higher call volumes as customers get in touch with us to talk about their energy offers.

“At peak times this has meant some longer call wait times, and that’s why we’ve added a large number of new team members to our call centres to make sure we are meeting demand from customers to get on better deals and save on energy costs.

“At the same time we want customers to know they don’t have to wait on the phone, they can easily access those same great deals through our website, as well as innovative products like Predictable Plan that lock in a customer’s energy costs to help them manage their household budget,” Mr Briskin said.

In August, Origin saw a 38 per cent rise in inbound sales calls. In the same period the company helped more than 48,000 Australians get on to a discounted energy offer.

“We have a well-established process of notifying our customers before their energy offers expire, so we always have a steady stream of renewal discussions at any given time. With the heightened focus on energy prices, we have undoubtedly seen a big increase in customers seeking to come off standing offer or non-discounted products to a market offer.

“We are in the process of writing to our standing offer customers, but there’s no need to wait by the letterbox. We are encouraging customers to get in touch with us now, either by phone or through our website where they can very simply and easily compare and access our competitive offers,” Mr Briskin said.

Last month, Origin reaffirmed its support for the Prime Minister’s plan to bring power prices down and said it needed to happen in two parts – action by retailers, and a whole of industry and government approach to solving energy policy.

“We’re committed to helping customers get on the right energy deal, and supporting measures being applied across the entire industry, to make energy offers clearer, simpler and easier to compare,” Mr Briskin said.

Origin has already taken action to protect its most vulnerable customers by ensuring those being supported through its financial hardship program do not pay the most recent price rises, as well as offering payment plans, matched bill payments and access to financial counselling services.


Ryan Auger
External Affairs Manager
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