Logo and photography

Download our logo and photographs of our operations, Board and management team. They can be used freely for media purposes.

eraring power station across water tall

Eraring power station

Download (8.2MB)

darling downs component tall

Darling Downs power station

Download (42.1 MB)

chile solar project tall

Chile solar project

Download (2.4 MB)

cullerin range wind farm tall

Cullerin Range wind farm

Download (2.2 MB)

shoalhaven tall


Download (2.4 MB)

mortlake tall

Mortlake power station

Download (5.8 MB)

gordon cairns profile tall

Gordon Cairns

Download (3.9 MB)

grant king profile tall

Grant King

Download (3.9 MB)

john akehurst profile tall

John Akehurst

Download (4.1 MB)

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