Lock the Gate has formally apologised for the false allegations it made to the Scientific Inquiry into Hydraulic Fracturing in the Northern Territory last week that sought to undermine the integrity of the Inquiry and deliberately damage Origin’s reputation.

The false allegations concerned Origin’s Amungee NW-1H well in the Beetaloo Basin.

In seeking an apology from Lock the Gate’s spokesperson Naomi Hogan; Inquiry Chair, The Honourable Justice Pepper, wrote:

“Given the scandalous nature of your allegations against Origin and the Inquiry which have now been proven to be wholly incorrect, it remains a matter of considerable concern that no apology has been proffered by you, on behalf of Lock the Gate, to Origin or the Inquiry. Failure to do so has the very real effect of impugning the credibility of yourself and Lock the Gate.”

Origin welcomes the apology that has now been made to the Inquiry and looks forward to receiving a similar apology from Lock the Gate as requested by the Inquiry:

“The Inquiry notes and accepts your apology. It is assumed that you have also, as is appropriate, apologised to Origin Energy (Origin) directly.”

Origin also notes the two Lock the Gate media statements containing the false allegations, now proven to be wholly incorrect, are yet to be taken down from their website.

Head of Origin’s Integrated Gas business, Mark Schubert, said Origin respects the right of any organisation or member of the community to express their views on such an important topic.

“We understand some people will have different views on gas development and we welcome a healthy debate – but it must be truthful, and not driven by false information as witnessed by the NT Fracking Inquiry last week,” Mark said.

Lock the Gate’s apology and related correspondence has been published in full on the Inquiry’s website.

Lock the Gate reply to the Inquiry (9 Feb 2018)

Inquiry response (11 Feb 2018)

Lock the Gate apology letter to the Inquiry (12 Feb 2018)

Inquiry response and acknowledgement (13 Feb 2018)


Chris Zipf
External Affairs Manager
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