Everyone at Origin is required to act in accordance with the highest standards of personal safety and environmental performance, governance and business conduct.


Corporate Governance Statement (PDF 268 KB)

Our Corporate Governance Statement summarises our practices for the 2017 financial year.


We’ve adopted a range of key policies and directives that govern business conduct and how our people are expected to behave.

Origin Energy Ltd Constitution (PDF 125 KB)

Code of Conduct (PDF 182 KB)
Everyone who acts on behalf of the company is guided in making good decisions and choices.

Communications with Shareholders (PDF 174 KB)
Our objective is to provide shareholders with ready access to balanced and understandable information.

Continuous Disclosure (PDF 122 KB)
We're committed to the provision of timely, full and accurate disclosure of information.

Dealing in Securities (PDF 368 KB)
Explains key accountabilities and responsibilities, and includes guidance in respect of trading restrictions.

Diversity Policies and Practices (PDF 45 KB)
We encourage diversity and the expression of ideas and opinions.

Health, Safety and Environment (PDF 88 KB)
We care about the wellbeing of our people and our impact on the environment.

Human Rights (PDF 47 KB)
We protect and uphold fundamental human rights at all our operations and projects.

We’re committed to protecting your privacy, and to managing any information that we hold about you.

Risk management (PDF 143 KB)
We recognise that risk is present in every task that we do.


Our Board of Directors bring vast experience to governing our business strategy.

Meet our Board

Board committees

The Board has established a number of committees to assist in the execution of its duties and to allow detailed consideration of complex issues.

Board Charter (PDF 87 KB)
Sets out the roles and responsibilities of the Board and the functions delegated to management.

It is the intention of the Board that its composition should include a majority of independent non-executive directors (PDF 43 KB).

Audit Committee Charter (PDF 86 KB)
Responsible for the effective management of financial risks, compliance and reliable corporate and financial reporting.


Bruce Morgan


Maxine Brenner, Gordon CairnsScott Perkins, Teresa Engelhard

Health, Safety and Environment Charter (PDF 61 KB)
Monitors and minimises all related risks arising out of our activities and operations.

ChairJohn Akehurst

MembersGordon Cairns, Frank Calabria, Bruce Morgan, Steven Sargent

Remuneration and People Committee Charter (PDF 127 KB)

Supports and advises the Board on the Company's remuneration strategy, policy and structure.


Scott Perkins


Gordon Cairns, Steven Sargent, Teresa Engelhard

Risk Committee Charter (PDF 78 KB)
Assists the Board in identifying and controlling material risks to the company.

ChairMaxine Brenner

MembersGordon Cairns, John Akehurst, Bruce Morgan, Scott Perkins

Nomination Committee Charter (PDF 61 KB)
Provides advice and recommendations in examining the selection and appointment practices of the Board.

ChairGordon Cairns

MembersJohn Akehurst, Maxine Brenner, Bruce Morgan, Scott Perkins

Key reports

Origin Energy 2017 Annual Report

Annual Report

Take a look at our recent performance and review our strategy and growth options.

Annual Report 2017 (PDF 6.1 MB)

Origin Energy 2017 Remuneration Report

Remuneration Report

Outlines our remuneration policy, remuneration structure and amounts paid to Directors and Senior Executives.

Remuneration Report 2017 (PDF 1.0 MB)

Sustainability Report

To be sustainable and here for the long term, it's critical we make good decisions now.

Sustainability Report 2017 (PDF 5.0 MB)

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Five year financial history

View a summary of our financial and operating performance from 2012 to 2016

Five year financial history