Contact has received in excess of $210 million of applications at 5.80% or Final Interest Rate under the Exchange Offer and General Offer. Existing bondholders represent more than 80% of applications to date.

Contact has elected to take over subscriptions such that the total offer may be up to $250 million, and accordingly the General Offer remains open for applications from the public until Thursday 20 March 2014. Contact reserves the right to make further reserved allocations to brokers or market participants and anticipates making a further announcement in this regard next week.

The first allotment in respect of applications received to date will be made on Thursday 20 March 2014 and a final allotment on Thursday 27 March 2014 (unless made earlier).

For further information please contact:

Louise Tong
Corporate Treasurer
021 444 224
Fraser Gardiner
Head of Investor Relations and Strategy
021 228 3688

Origin Energy holds 53.09% of quoted ordinary shares in Contact Energy Limited.

Contact Energy Limited (Contact) confirms that the Exchange Offer component of its current retail offer of senior bonds has now closed and that the interest rate has been set at 5.80%.