The LNG vessel, the Methane Spirit, departed Australia Pacific LNG’s facility on Saturday 9 January.

Australia Pacific LNG CEO, Page Maxson, said the departure of the LNG vessel marks over four years of planning and construction since making the Final Investment Decision.

“This achievement is testament to an extraordinary amount of work completed by co-venturers Origin Energy, ConocoPhillips and Sinopec, a multitude of key contractors, including Bechtel, and a 15,000-strong workforce.

“In addition, we are thankful for the ongoing support from all of our stakeholders; including Local, State and Federal governments, landholders and community members.

“With our domestic customer portfolio, the start of Train 1 and the first export of LNG, Australia Pacific LNG has become the largest producer of natural gas in Eastern Australia. This position will only be strengthened as we expect to reach full production from two LNG trains by the end of 2016, reflecting our industry-leading 2P reserves position.

“We are delighted to be part of the establishment of the CSG-LNG industry in Queensland, one that will continue for many decades and provide economic opportunities across the State,” Mr Maxson said.

At full capacity Australia Pacific LNG’s two train LNG production facility will supply 9 million tonnes per annum of LNG to an export market by cooling the natural gas to -161˚ Celsius until it becomes a liquid, enabling transport to export customers in Asia.


Australia Pacific LNG today announced it had commenced operations with its first liquefied natural gas (LNG) cargo departing from its LNG facility on Curtis Island, near Gladstone.