The Origin Regional Buy Program is a framework that allows Origin to collaborate with regional suppliers and contribute towards building sustainable communities and local employment opportunities.

Since 2011, the Origin Regional Buy Program has been:

  • Collaborating with regional suppliers in the community to provide opportunities for local businesses
  • Enabling local business to develop skills and pre-qualify as a supplier to Origin
  • Providing a single point of contact and support for regional suppliers.

We provide dedicated support to our regional suppliers to ensure they are considered for commercial opportunities and are competitive in providing goods and services.

The regional buy portal

The Regional Buy Portal is a single tool that enables local eligible businesses to connect with opportunities to supply to Origin.

The portal provides suppliers with:

  • Direct access and visibility of opportunities to supply to Origin
  • Assistance in understanding the capabilities required for these opportunities
  • Feedback on the outcome of their quotes
  • Contact information for supplier support

Registration is simple

Before your business can become a qualified Regional Supplier, there are a few questions you need to answer. You will also need to provide some business information and supporting documentation. Once we've received your information, and verified your registration, we will notify you to confirm your business has been successful.

How to register your business guide

Your registration will be verified and you will be notified when your registration is successful.


Login for registered suppliers


Supply categories

Below are the Regional Buy Portal supply categories.  Suppliers can select one or more categories when registering as a Regional Supplier.  The categories that suppliers select will determine which Request for Quotes (RFQ’s) they are invited to respond to. 

The selected categories are quite broad to ensure that suppliers have the greatest visibility of the RFQ’s available.  Additionally, categories are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure they remain current and relevant.

Building Materials Goods or materials required for construction activities including residential or commercial requirements Concrete, Glass, Timber, PVC Pipe, Fibreglass, Aggregates, Wood Chips
Chemicals & Equipment Chemicals required to deliver operations Fuels, Lubricants, Cleaning Chemicals, Coolants, Degreasers
Drilling Materials & Equipment Equipment & materials related to drilling and completions required to operate and develop unconventional gas reserves Wireline Materials, Coil Tubing, Drilling Fluid Systems, Wellheads, Valves, Pipe Handling Equipment, Mud Pumps
Electrical Consumables & Equipment Goods or materials required for completing electrical works, including residential or commercial work Air Conditioners, Power Cables, Connectors, Hot Water Systems, Wires
Environment & Waste Management Equipment Equipment & materials related to environment, waste management, recycling, and rehabilitation Spill Absorption Materials, Spill Kits, Monitoring Supplies, Recycling Bins
Industrial Consumables & Equipment Goods or materials required for completing industrial works Conveyors, Pumps, Hoses, Pulleys, Gaskets, Pipes, Hose Connectors
PPE & Clothing Clothing and workwear required to facilitate operational requirements Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Uniforms, Embroidery, Steel Cap Boots
Printing & Marketing Goods related to print, communications and marketing Signage & Accessories, Advertising, Print, Customer Mail Outs,  Printing, Laminating
Office Equipment Goods required for office and warehouse administration and operations
Office Furniture, Office Fittings, Stationery, Kitchenwares, , Faxes, Printers, Storage
Safety Equipment (excluding PPE) Goods required to deliver safety requirements & initiatives First Aid and Medical Equipment, Traffic Control, Safety and General Signage, Guide Posts, Fire Equipment
Accomodation & Conference Rooms Provision of accommodation and related services, and conference and training room facilities Hotel/Motel Room, Training Room Hire
Catering Provision of catering and meals for operations and town services
Onsite/Offsite Catering, Meals, Drinks, Water
Cleaning Cleaning and hygiene services including industrial, residential, vehicle, equipment
Onsite / Offsite Cleaning, Laundry Services, Rubbish Removal, Vehicle Detailing
Construction & Joinery Services required for general construction and installation of permanent and non-permanent structures
ommercial Sheds, Building Renovations and Extensions, Fencing, Concreting
Civils & Engineering Professional services required to facilitate engineering and technical requirements Surveying, Geotechnical, Testing, Earthworks, Town Planning, Legislative Compliance
Drilling Services Services related to drilling and completions required to operate and develop unconventional gas reserves Coring, Downhole Tool Rentals, Mudlogging, Cementing, Wireline Services, Well Testing
Equipment Hire  Wet (with operator) & dry (without operator) equipment hire required for delivering project/program requirements on and off site Shovels, Forklifts, Generators, Scaffolding, Compressors, Towing, Cold Storage, Heavy Vehicle Transport
Freight Transportation of goods Road Freight, Courier Services, Bulk Material Transport, Furniture Removals, Potable Water Transport
Labour Hire

Non-technical labour hire and professional services required to facilitate non-operational requirements 

(for technical labour hire refer to Civils & Engineering)

Traffic Control, Labourers, Machine Operators
Maintenance Services Services required for the maintenance of equipment, machinery or buildings, including Electrical, Fabrication, and Trade Testing & Tagging Electrical Equipment, Voltage Maintenance, Fire Systems, Machining, Autoelectrical, Conveyor Belt Maintenance, Repairs, Plumbing, Painting, Locksmiths
Professional Services

Professional services required to facilitate non-operational requirements

(for technical labour hire refer to Civils & Engineering)

Medical Health Services, Drug & Alcohol Testing, Consulting, Project Management, Auditing, Training Providers
Environment & Waste Management Services Services related to environment, waste management, recycling, and rehabilitation Environmental Monitoring, Waste Transport, Environmental Rehabilitation, Animal Control
Weed & Pest Management Services related to weed and pest management and control Washdown Services, Weed Hygiene, Fertilizer, Inspection Services
Logistics Transportation of Personnel  Coach or Bus services
Signage & Accessories, Advertising, Print, Customer Mail Outs,  Printing, Laminating

Our Team Members

Sujata Karandikar

Social responsibility lead

Sujata Karandikar joined our team this week in the role of Social Responsibility Lead. 

Sujata has spent the last six years working in social responsibility and ethical sourcing roles across industry sectors, for companies such as Anglo, David Jones and her own start-up company.  Sujata has extensive experience in business analysis and process improvement within procurement functions, her most recent roles focussing on sustainability and economic development, and how organisations can incorporate sustainability considerations within their supply chains to create value internally and externally.

Sujata was in procurement process improvement and master data management, for Rio Tinto, when there was an opportunity to work on a short-term project in Mongolia. It was there that she discovered the world of microenterprise development, and realised the impact Supply Chain could make, which if properly focused, can change lives and communities for the better. 

Sujata’s experience across indigenous, regional, and ethical sourcing, delivered collaborative results that increased spend, capability and capacity.

Sujata believes that large corporates have enormous potential and responsibility to create a positive impact through supply chain globally.

Tim Klaas

Regional Buy Liaison Officer

Born and raised in Roma Qld, Tim is proud to call the South West home!

Tim has more than 15 years working in Policy, Planning and Engagement roles throughout Queensland with the Public Sector and NGO’s and more recently in the Oil & Gas sector as part of the Surat Basin CSG to LNG development.

Tim has a passionate interest in community development having led and participated in a number of locally driven collaborative initiatives, creating solutions to common issues.  This included an initiative with the Queensland Government assisting rural communities develop and implement projects to improve local capacity.

Tim’s sense of purpose comes from his strong connections to local businesses, clubs, and local community groups, and Tim’s strong family ties to the Mandananji people of the Maranoa area. Tim is an active community member sitting on a number of regional and local sporting committees and enjoys coaching teams that he and his 11 year old son are a part of.

Tim has a natural skill with people, and a well developed ability for continuous improvement.  And after more than 15 years (and counting), Tim still asks at the end of each day, whether or not what he is doing is truly making a difference to the lives of others in his community.

Terry Stewart

Regional Buy Co-ordinator

Chinchilla local, thoroughbred breeder, former Apex-ian…regional is in his blood!

Third generation born and raised in Chinchilla, Terry is tremendously passionate about the community.

For the last five years Terry has been working with Origin, most recently in the Land Access Team, building relationships between Origin and local landowners. In this role Terry looks for opportunities everywhere to push business to local communities, and his enthusiasm for growing the region is evident the moment you meet him.

Terry also understands local business. Terry’s career has given him experience in marketing, retail and project management, not to mention owning his own business. This, coupled with 20+ years in the CSG Industry on both sides of the supply fence has helped Terry to understand the supply climate for local business and major construction companies. 

Along with his wife Donna, Terry is involved in a number of local clubs and community groups, most notably as President of the Chinchilla Race Club.  Terry is also a former Apex President and Board Member, local footy club member, and MC for functions all around the town ranging from Sportsman Dinners, Melbourne Cup Functions and charity events.

Terry is chomping at the bit to get out of the gates and start his new role, and we believe Terry’s passion and enthusiasm will drive him to succeed. 

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