Introducing Gate Mate

What’s a Gate Mate, mate?

For over 15 years, Origin has worked alongside farmers and landholders. Through feedback and experience, we’ve learned that staying on everyone’s good side is as simple as following a few rules – like always grabbing the gate.

That’s why we’ve created the Gate Mate. It’s been designed with Queensland landholders to take the guesswork out of gates and help us to be better neighbours. It’s also a friendly reminder that while a property might be “work” to Origin, it’s home – and often a business – to our landholders. There are always two sides to every gate.

Our guide to being a Gate Mate

Once a Gate Mate is in place, it will give Origin the go ahead on whether to leave it open or closed. We have clear processes to make sure that when we go through the gate, we’re doing the right thing by our landholders.

Our Gate Procedures

Our gate procedures
  1. Know the property & terms of access
Our gate procedures
  1. Meet property & weed requirements
3.Remember the gate, mate
  1. Remember the gate, mate
4. Watch for people, traffic and livestock
  1. Watch for people, traffic and livestock
5. Drive to conditions & reduce dust
  1. Drive to conditions & reduce dust
6. Stick to agreed access zones
  1. Stick to agreed access zones
7. Work smart & minimise noise
  1. Work smart & minimise noise
8. If something’s not right, stop the job
  1. If something’s not right, stop the job

Our Community Charter

Our word is our bond. Our Community Charter is a decision making tool for our people. It aligns the choices we make each day with the promises we've made to our community.

Our Community Charter

Order a Gate Mate

Never mind the bloke in the hat – the real star is the sign on the gate. If Origin is working on your property, a Gate Mate will help get rid of any confusion and minimise oversights. Chat to us today and we’ll send one out.

Call 0429 019 177 to order yours.

Give us a call

If you’d like to find out more about Gate Mate, or you have a comment or complaint, please jump on the phone. We’re always happy to help.

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Land Access Hotline 0429 019 177
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