Energy poetry

Energy poetry

Set up time


What you need

Energy poetry worksheet


To educate students about cinquain poems, and to encourage them to draw upon past learning about renewable energy sources in creating their poems.

Learning outcomes


Your students will learn to about a form of poetry called cinquain.


Using their knowledge of renewable energy, your students will create poems about clean energy sources.


Your students will perform poetry readings of their cinquain poems.



What is a cinquain poem? Talk about the key elements of the poem and its persuasive possibilities.

Discuss the facts about renewable energy. Encourage students to think about emotional arguments for it, too.

Ask students to plan, draft and publish cinquain poems about renewable energy.

Give students the opportunity to read their poems to the class.

What are some powerful adjectives that relate to renewable energy?
Can you convey the possibilities of renewable energy in such a short-form poem?

Time required
60 mins

Extension: Renewable energy rap

Encourage further creativity by showing your students this ‘Renewable energy rap’. While not quite Eminen, these boys manage to convey some great messages about renewable energy with their catchy lyrics and rapping beat.

The area of roof space available in Australia is enough to supply the nation’s electricity via solar panels.


Talk to your students about this popular form of spoken word poetry and its strong reliance on rhyme.


Have a class brainstorm about renewable energy phrases and write a list of rhyming words.


As a class or in small groups, write rap songs about renewable energy.


You could then perform the raps to other classes, or film them to share on YouTube.