Appliance assessment

Home appliances use energy. Generally, the energy sources used are from fossil fuels which are fast running out. So we need to find alternative sources that are plentiful and can be renewed such as energy generated from the sun or wind.

Set up time


What you need

‘Appliance audit’ worksheet


To get your students thinking about alternative energy sources and to encourage innovation and creative problem solving.

Learning outcomes


Your students will conduct an audit of all the appliances that use energy in their homes. Which of these appliances could run on batteries? Are there any that could potentially run on renewable energy?


Your students will learn how to use the audit information to make informed decisions about energy usage.


Your students will use creative thinking based on research to provide an innovative solution. 


All around the world, governments, companies and individuals are rushing to find an alternate energy source to replace declining fossil fuels. We all need to look at how we use energy in our homes; changing how much energy we use, as well as start to think about alternative energy sources.

Supply students with the Appliance Audit worksheet. Their homework is to fill it out.

Back in class, ask students to compare their audits in groups of 4 or 5. As a group, identify one appliance that uses the most energy.

As a group, invent and design a new way of generating energy for that appliance, like using bicycles energy, water, or human energy.

As a group, design a poster that shows how that appliance would work using your new energy source.

What else could you power using your new energy source?
Could you run this energy source to help power your school? Or an entire city?

Time required
30 mins for discussion

Extension: Renewable energy

Increasingly, we’re relying on the energy of the sun and the wind. How do solar panels work? How do wind turbines work?

How much solar energy can your roof generate?


Other than solar and wind, what other renewable energy sources are already available to Australians?


Discuss the factors that stop people from using renewable energy.


Why don’t we use renewable energy all the time?


Why do you think renewable energy is called “Green energy”?