As the upstream operator of the Australia Pacific LNG Project in central southern Queensland, we’re proud to support the development of local trades with our Community Skills Scholarships program.

The program provides financial support for apprentices choosing to embark on new careers in a trade, helping to keep people in their local communities.

How does it work?

Apprentices can choose any trade they like - not just in the gas or energy industry. Australia Pacific LNG will provide you with financial support throughout the duration of your studies, including a bonus cash payment should you stay on with your employer for one year following the completion of your training. And you'll have access to building a peer support network with other recipients. Employers will also receive financial benefits for employing an apprentice.

Recipients of the Origin Community Skills Scholarships program

Who is eligible?

Anyone aged 15 years or older who is currently in their first year of an apprenticeship or looking to begin their trade career can apply. Opportunities are open to people living in the Western Downs and Maranoa regional council and Banana shire council areas. Meet some of the people Australia Pacific LNG has been proud to help.

Samantha Garnsey Children's Services

Samantha Garnsey

Diploma in Children's Services

"It's been great to win the scholarship; it’s going to help me with buying a laptop and other materials which I need to complete my studies."

Luke Dart Carpentry

Luke Dart

Certificate III in Carpentry

"I was really happy to win the scholarship; it’s going to make a huge difference to me to buy tools. At the moment I’m borrowing the boss's tools but you like using your own gear that’s for sure."

Daniel Merker Electrotechnology

Daniel Merker

Certificate III in Electrotechnology

"I love the work I'm doing and I’m always busy - the scholarship is helping me to stay and work locally, buy some tools and help with the cost of travel when I go to TAFE."