Working together with local communities and the RACQ, we introduced the Caring about Road Safety (CARS) program to equip young drivers with the kind of driving skills and positive driving attitudes that could help save lives. Over 1,500 drivers have benefited from our past programs.

An overview of Origin's Caring About Road Safety (CARS) program.

Country road driving tips

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Rest regularly

On long trips, drivers should break for 15 minutes every 2 hours. Better yet, share the driving with a family member or friend.

Beware of soft edges

Many country roads have grass or dirt raised edges. Be aware that these edges may be soft, muddy or have loose gravel when pulling over. 

Obey speed limits

Speeding impairs a driver’s ability to make a sudden stop or react to avoid hazards. 

Consider other drivers

Please share the roads responsibly. Maintain at least a two second gap between your car and the vehicle in front of you. 

Let family and friends know your travel plans

Carry a road map and if you change your plans, be sure to let someone know.

Don’t cross flooded roads

Flooded roads can be very dangerous - even shallow water can sweep your vehicle away. Find an alternate route, or wait for the water level to drop and it is safe to proceed.

Watch for heavy vehicles

Some heavy vehicles can be up to 55m long. If overtaking, flash your lights to warn the driver and allow plenty of distance to pass the vehicle (at least 1km).

Consider undertaking additional driver training

Participating in programs which enhance your defensive driving skills could better prepare you for varying road conditions.