Diversity at Origin

Better balance creates good energy

Diversity at Origin

Better balance creates good energy

At Origin, diversity and inclusion are central to the way we work. We know diverse workplaces create good energy, by allowing our people to bring their whole selves to work. We also know that diversity fosters better ideas, collaboration, decision making and helps us better understand our customers. And diverse companies are more likely to outperform the competition.

We’re building a workplace that supports flexible work arrangements to encourage more people to choose a career with Origin. They’re just a few of the reasons we’re a LinkedIn Australian Top Company and recognised as an Employer of Choice for Gender Equality from the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA).

Read about some of our Origin leaders.

Sunny Sun

Procurement Lead – Retailing Services

“Our leaders appreciate our differences, and they give us the flexibility to be who we are.”

I immigrated with my family to Australia from Malaysia as a schoolboy and I grew up knowing I was a bit different to most of the people around me. I travelled a lot early in my twenties and experienced wonderfully diverse cultures. When I came back to Australia, there was diversity all around me but I felt like as a nation we didn’t make the most of it. We didn’t tap into the richness of Australia’s people.

Having been at Origin for over 10 years now, I’ve seen us become much more diverse during that time. Most importantly, we value our diversity – we understand it’s our differences that enable us to innovate, create great products, and provide the best service to our customers.

Origin accepts us for who we are. Our leaders appreciate our differences, and they give us the flexibility to be who we are. I recently took 10 months’ parental leave so my wife could keep running her small business. Origin supported me to become the coparent for our two children and now I’m back at work four days a week, still doing some school drop offs and pickups, while continuing to progress my career. That’s what I love about working at Origin.

Amber Fennel

General Manager, Business Energy & Energy Services

"The Energy industry is a great place to be – and at Origin, you can have your cake and eat it too!"

I’ve worked in the Energy industry for as long as I can remember. I joined Origin nine years ago because I was excited about the career opportunities that such a diverse company could offer. During my time here, that’s what I’ve valued the most. I’ve worked in three different parts of Origin and each time I’ve been ready for my next challenge, senior leaders have supported me and helped me take the leap.

Last year, I was promoted to General Manager and not long afterwards I fell pregnant with my second child. It was a tricky time – I was elated to be extending my family but had also taken on more responsibility and was excited about where my career was heading. Leadership supported me and as an organisation, Origin had the policies and tools in place that enabled me to balance home and work.

The Energy industry is a great place to be – and at Origin, you can have your cake and eat it too! A rewarding career and the flexibility you need to get the balance right between work and home.

Katrina Gowans

Senior Corporate Lawyer

“I’m proud to work for an organisation that genuinely cares about its people.”

I love helping people find solutions – whether that’s while I’m at work or home with my husband and two children.

I’ve been a lawyer for almost 20 years and started at Origin as a contractor with a lot to learn about the Energy industry! Origin is a BIG company, which means lots of opportunities to learn and experience new things. 

The best thing about Origin for me is the unwavering support I receive to be a mum and lawyer. My husband travels a lot, and I’m working part time right now to help keep the balance. A few years ago, Origin supported me to take some time out to be with my mum who was going through chemo. The time was invaluable as I was able to reset and focus on my family, without impacting my career.

I’m proud to work for an organisation that genuinely cares about its people – everything we do is in support of our purpose and our leaders know we can’t deliver on that without great people.

We’re always looking for talented women to join our team

We’re clear about what gender diversity looks like at Origin and report our performance against our annual targets in our sustainability and annual reports, as well as to agencies such as WGEA


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We are different, together

At Origin, we encourage and embrace diversity of all kinds. As part of our ongoing commitment to create a more inclusive workplace, we’ve put new directives in place like our Gender Affirming Support program and longer paid parental leave.

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