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Solar Credits Scheme

Make the most of the solar rebate

The Renewable Energy Target (RET) encourages businesses and homes to generate electricity from sustainable and renewable sources. To help achieve this goal, the Australian Government provides a financial incentive (often referred to as a solar rebate) for those who switch to solar power.

While this is often called a “solar rebate”, the Federal Government's scheme is usually provided as a discount up front when you install the system.

How it works

When you purchase and install an eligible solar energy system, it will entitle you to a certain amount of small-scale technology certificates (STCs). When you agree to assign the rights to these STC’s to your solar installer, they will give you a discount off the price of your system (i.e. solar rebate) in exchange.

Here is an example to help you understand how your solar rebate can be calculated:

  2.0kW solar
electricity system
4.0kW solar
electricity system
System cost $5,339 $8,759
Location Sydney Melbourne
Rights to create STCs 41 71
Right to create STC unit price* $39 $39
Total credits $1,599 $2,769
Discounted price $3,740 $5,990

* The value of the right to create the STCs is based on a sample right to create STC price of $39. The actual price will reflect a market linked transfer rate and is subject to regular change.

Want to know more before switching to solar?

Visit the Clean Energy Regulator website. You’ll find information that will help you understand how STC’s calculated and how to ensure your system is eligible.

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