Everyone at Origin is required to act in accordance with the highest standards of personal safety and environmental performance, governance and business conduct.

Corporate governance statement

Our corporate governance statement summarises our practices which were in place throughout the 2014 financial year. We’re pleased to report that it complied with all of the ASX Principles.

Corporate Governance Statement (6 pages)


Our Constitution governs the relationship between shareholders, Directors and Officers. Key areas include authority and composition of the Board, General Meetings and issue of shares.

Constitution (34 pages)


We’ve adopted a range of key policies and directives that govern business conduct and how our people are expected to behave.

Code of conduct

Everyone who acts on behalf of the company is guided in making good decisions and choices that are respectful of all stakeholders.

Code of conduct (5 pages)

Health, safety and environment

We aspire to conduct our business in a way that causes no harm to the health and safety of people, and has no unforeseen impacts to the environment.

Human rights

We protect and uphold fundamental human rights at all our operations and projects by conducting ourselves and our business with due care.

Communications with shareholders

Our objective is to provide shareholders with ready access to balanced and understandable information about Origin.

Independence of Directors

It is the intention of our Board that its composition should include a majority of independent Non-executive Directors.

Continuous disclosure

We're committed to complying with our disclosure obligations and providing equal opportunity for shareholders to access materials.

Risk management

We recognise that risk is present in every task that we do. Our risk management policy sets out how we identify and understand risks and manage them safely and responsibly.

Dealing in securities

We aim to ensure that no-one at Origin trades in securities in a way which breaches the law, harms our reputation, or compromises confidence in our practices.

Privacy policy

We’re committed to protecting your privacy and appropriately managing the information that we hold about you.

Board committees

Board committees

Our Board Charter (6 pages) sets out the roles and responsibilities of the Board and the functions delegated to management. The Board has established a number of committees to assist in the execution of its duties and to allow detailed consideration of complex issues.

Audit Committee

Our Audit Committee is responsible for the effective management of financial risks, compliance, reliable financial reporting and the maintenance of audit processes.

Bruce Morgan

Maxine Brenner, Gordon Cairns, Ralph Norris, Helen Nugent

Health, safety and environment

To support the Board with Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) risks, our HSE committee monitors and minimises all related risks arising out of our activities and operations.

John Akehurst

Gordon Cairns, Grant King, Bruce Morgan, Steve Sargent

Nomination Committee

The aim of the nomination committee is to support and advise on the composition of the Board and the selection and appointment practices of the Board.

Gordon Cairns

John Akehurst, Bruce Morgan, Helen Nugent

Remuneration Committee

To ensure that remuneration is consistent with market practice, our Remuneration Committee aims to attract, develop and retain Directors, executives and employees.

Helen Nugent

Gordon Cairns, Ralph Norris, Steve Sargent

Remuneration Report

The Remuneration Report for the year ended 30 June 2014 outlines the company’s remuneration policy, remuneration structure and amounts paid to Directors and Senior Executives.

Remuneration Report (20 pages)

Risk Committee

Our Risk Committee oversees the effectiveness of our Risk Management System, recommends risk capacity and exposure limits and allocates the management of specific risks.

Maxine Brenner

Gordon Cairns, John Akehurst, Bruce Morgan, Helen Nugent


Our Board of Directors bring vast experience to governing our business strategy, and are accountable to shareholders for the performance of the company.

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