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Energy. It's not something most people really think about. But at Origin, it's all we do. We're out exploring, generating and buying energy fresh, every day. As Australia's leading energy retailer, we're working hard to meet your energy needs today and for the future.

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What’s the perfect energy source?

When it comes to the perfect energy source, like a lot of things in life, there often isn't a simple answer.

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Our approach

To be sustainable, it’s critical we understand what’s important to our stakeholders and make good decisions. Our Compass guides our behaviours to help us achieve this.

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Investors and media

We've achieved a lot since 2000. And we expect to do and achieve a lot more in Australia and overseas. Take a look at our strategy, performance and growth.

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Careers at Origin

If you’re looking to join us here at Origin, learn about how we do business, plan for our future, work with our communities and how we recruit and support our teams.

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When there’s change, we want to ensure any change benefits the people and businesses of that community.

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