In case of an emergency with your gas or electricity supply, please select from the numbers listed below. In extreme situations where there is risk to life and property, contact the emergencies services by phoning 000.

Electricity emergencies

ACT, NSW, SA, VIC 13 24 61
QLD 13 19 62
  • In an electrical emergency, if it is safe to do so and if there is no danger of you being electrocuted, shut off the power
  • If you see someone suffer an electric shock, refer to our safety tips for electric shocks
  • If there is an electrical fire, use dry powder or CO2 extinguishers. Never use conductive extinguishers such as water or foam on electrical fires.

Gas emergencies

Natural gas

ACT, NSW 13 19 09
NT, QLD, SA 1800 808 526
VIC – call your distributor
Multinet 13 26 91
Envestra 1800 676 300
AusNet Services 13 67 07


National 1800 808 526
  • If you smell gas inside a building which you believe to be coming from a gas appliance or a section of the gas pipe connecting your appliances (i.e. after the meter or the cylinder) follow our safety tips for gas.
  • If you have LPG appliances, you may detect a slight gas smell coming from an appliance when the LPG cylinder is low in gas. If this occurs and you are not confident you are running out of gas, please call Origin Energy on 13 35 74
  • Once you have taken precautions to ensure the situation is safe, then you can call a licensed gas fitter to arrange for the leak to be located and repaired.
  • Remember: any person undertaking work involving gas must be properly licensed
  • If you smell gas in the street or on your property before or including the meter you must contact the relevant natural gas number. The leak will be located and repaired

Note that charges apply for attendance to natural gas leaks if:

  • The gas leak is detected after the gas meter, i.e. in your gas piping or at an appliance
  • The leak is a result of damage to gas mains, meters, the supply pipe between the main and meter or any associated equipment
  • There is no leak but there is damage to the mains or meter which needs to be repaired.