Cullerin Range Wind Farm

Key Facts:

  • Origin’s first owned and operated wind farm
  • Fully operational July 2009
  • First significant wind farm to be fully operational in NSW
  • 100 per cent renewable and emissions free power generation
  • Can produce enough renewable energy to power approximately 14,000 homes*


Cullerin Range Wind Farm was the first significant wind farm to become fully operational in New South Wales. The 30 MW wind farm generates renewable and emissions free power, therefore playing an important part in Origin’s generation portfolio for the future.


The NSW Department of Planning granted Project Approval for the Cullerin Range Wind Farm on 21 February 2007. In January 2008, Origin acquired the development rights from another wind developer to build the 30 MW Cullerin Range Wind Farm. Immediately following this, construction of the wind farm began.

Cullerin Range Wind Farm became fully operational on 1 July 2009.

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Cullerin Range Wind Farm is located 12km east of the township of Gunning, 30 km west of Goulburn in southern New South Wales.

Map of Cullerin Range Wind Farm

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100 per cent renewable power generation

Cullerin Range Wind Farm produces enough energy to provide power for approximately 14,000 homes*. The farm consists of 15, 2 MW wind turbines. In producing 100 percent renewable power from the wind, Cullerin Range will help avoid the production of approximately 84,000 tonnes of carbon annually** and in turn help to lower NSW’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Cullerin Range Wind Farm also helps support the growing demand for Origin’s GreenPower products, which use electricity generated from accredited renewable sources. Origin is the largest green energy provider in Australia and provides customers with accredited GreenPower and GreenGas products.

Powering Cullerin Range Wind Farm

Cullerin Range has an extremely good wind resource. Wind turbines capture wind energy within the area swept by their 45m long blades. The blades in turn drive an electrical generator to produce power, which goes into the National Electricity Market.

The wind towers are quite tall, reaching approximately 80m high.

Community Engagement

Origin respects the rights and interest of the communities in which we operate by working safely and being mindful of, and attentive to, the environmental and social impact of the resources, products and services we use or provide to others.

Origin’s Community Relations Advisor, Lisa Glastonbury, works closely with neighbours, district residents, and community groups to support and generate positive outcomes for Cullerin and the wider community. Lisa works with local government, community groups, schools and other stakeholders to implement community investment initiatives, listen and respond to concerns and queries and is a principal point of contact.

Read more about Origin and the Cullerin Range community.

Community Investment

Origin is committed to promoting and assisting the interests of the communities in which it operates. The Origin Community Fund supports the community surrounding Cullerin Range Wind Farm by awarding grants for local projects and organisations. The Origin Community Fund was established in 2009 after Cullerin Range became operational and has begun allocating grants to local groups and organisations within the community surrounding Cullerin Range.

To assist in determining priorities for investment, Origin has set up a Community Investment Committee for the Cullerin Range Wind Farm consisting of Council, landholder and community representatives. This group provides an ongoing communication and feedback mechanism for Origin and will also make recommendations to Origin on community funding allocations. The Group assesses applications around the themes of safety, environmental sustainability, skills and education, and community spirit.

The assessment results and input of the group’s local knowledge will determine an agreed set of prioritised recommendations for investment. Through the Community Investment Fund we support initiatives that produce a lasting community benefit and are linked to local relevant issues or priorities. These contributions provide long term benefits to the community in areas of identified need.

Organisations wishing to apply for community investment funds will be invited to apply in June and July each year.

For enquiries about Cullerin Range Wind Farm phone 1800 677 315

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* ** For more information see References provided


* Calculation based on generation of 96,000 MWh in FY13 and energy usage per residential customer of 5.95 MWh per annum. Source: Ausgrid FY13 Average Electricity Use.

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** Based on generation of 96,000 MWh in FY13 and NSW emissions intensity factor of 0.88 tCO2e/MWh. Source: Australian Government, Department of Climate Change, “National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER) Technical Guidelines for FY13”, July 2012, Table 7.2