Reading your meter

Some tips to understanding meter readings

Understanding how much energy you're using can help you reduce your household greenhouse gas emissions.

If your meter only shows numbers, the black and white numbers show your reading (ignore any red numbers, we use those for testing).

Meter reading

If your meter shows several clock faces:

  • Use the left-most four clock faces only
  • Stand directly in front of the meter and record the number the 'clock hand' is pointing to.
  • If the hand is between two numbers, use the lower number - if it is between 0 and 9, use 9 as the reading.
  • Write down the numbers from left to right to get your reading.

Gas meter readings

Gas meter readings

Electricity meter readings

Electricity meter readings

Calculating your usage

You can then calculate how much gas or electricity you use in any set period the same way your network distributor does.

  • Don't forget to read your meter at the start of the period and record the number.
  • Do the same at the end of the period you want to check.
  • Subtract the first number from the second number and you'll see how much gas or electricity you used between readings.