Energy monitor

See how much electricity you’re using within seconds with our Energy Monitor in-home display.

Our Energy Monitor is an innovative device that allows you to see what you’re using or spending on electricity within seconds. This in-home display helps you see the electricity you’re using, to help you save.

  • See your electricity usage today

    See energy usage within seconds

    Avoid bill surprises and get greater control of your energy bills. The in-home display lets you see what you’re using and spending on energy within 30 seconds - it’s all at your fingertips. Choose to see your energy now, today, this week or this month. You can also view by energy used (by kWh) or by costs (in $).

  • Our Energy Monitor connects to your smart meter wirelessly

    Wirelessly updates and installs

    With the support of wireless technologies, the monitor will find and connect to your home's smart electricity meter within 30 metres from your smart meter. It will update your usage and costs automatically from your smart meter with any tariff changes. Once charged, it operates without power cables, and you can install and set it up yourself.

  • See how much electricity your appliances are using

    Manage how you use energy

    As you use your appliances in your home, compare what’s displayed when an appliance is switched on and when it’s off to see how much power it’s using.

    Make sure no other devices switch on or off while carrying out the comparison. This includes appliances that cycle on and off automatically, like fridges and air conditioners.

  • In-home display of your electricity usage

    In-home display

    Both our fridge mount and bench top units feature colour displays that makes everything easy to use. They are conveniently portable, and cost less than $2 a year in electricity to operate.

Fridge Mount Energy Monitor

Fridge Mount Energy Monitor

  • Keep it on the fridge for easy access
  • Long lasting rechargeable battery
  • Activates when you open your fridge
  • Fridge mount user guide

Our Fridge Mount Monitor is available at no additional cost on our Smart Daily Saver Plus energy plan.

Bench Mount Energy Monitor

Bench Top Energy Monitor

  • Large colour display
  • Always on and updates within seconds
  • Displays room temperature, time and date
  • Bench Top user guide

Our Bench Top Energy Monitor is currently only available to selected customers who have received a special offer.

Are you eligible?

This depends on your state, meter type, location, and your home’s design. Energy Monitors are available to Victorian residents only.

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Origin Smart Energy Monitors come with consumer guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. Your Energy Monitor is also covered by an express 12 month warranty against defects from the date of delivery. You can read the full warranty terms and conditions for the Energy Monitors by downloading the Origin Smart Equipment Agreement .

Ask us for help

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