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Now you can see how much you're spending on electricity in your home.

Imagine if you could see how much you’re using and spending on energy online and in your home. Well now you can with our range of smart solutions. Available to Origin Victorian customers who have an active smart meter installed.1

Origin Smart Meter Energy Manager

Energy Manager

Energy Manager lets you predict your next bill amount, set bill targets and see your energy usage online.1

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Origin Smart Meter Energy Monitor

Energy Monitor

See what your household is using and spending within seconds with our Energy Monitor. It’s easy to set up.

Energy Monitor

Origin Smart DailySaver Energy Plan

Smart Energy Plan

Our Energy Monitor is available at no extra cost when you agree to remain on the Smart DailySaver Plus Energy Plan for 12 months.

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Smart meters explained

It is expected that by the end of 2013, most Victorian homes will have a ‘smart meter’ installed.

A smart meter can read your electricity usage in 30 minute intervals, and makes tracking and managing your electricity usage and costs easier than ever before.

If you have any questions about your smart meter or its installation, please contact your energy distributor, read our frequently asked questions or visit the Department of State Development, Business and Innovation smart meters  site.

In the news…

Herald Sun, 14 June 2013 
Home display screens linked to smart meters that offer instant detail on power consumption and charges will be offered to hundreds of thousands of Victorians

  1. Terms, conditions and eligibility criteria apply. An ‘active’ smart meter records your electricity usage in 30 minute intervals and transmits to your distributor.