Moving home

Connect your electricity and natural gas with Origin

What you'll need to start your move

Your new address and contact details

3 business days before your move in date

Unrestricted access to your new meter*

* i.e. no locked gates, or unrestrained pets

Need help?

If you want to arrange your move over the phone, call us on 13 24 61 weekdays between 7am and 9pm.

electricity meter

Plan ahead

Your connection could occur any time between 7am and 7pm on your nominated day. Please keep this in mind when choosing your connection date.


Short on time?

If your move is within 3 business days, call 13 24 61 weekdays between 7am and 9pm. We may be able to connect you on the next business day if you call before 1pm.


Restricted access?

You’ll also need to call us on 13 24 61 if there’s something blocking the access to the electricity or gas meter at your new address.


Moving out?

Find out more about moving out and disconnecting your energy with Origin.

electricity meter

Building a new home or renovating?

If you don't have an electricity or natural gas meter at your new home yet, you'll need to arrange a new meter installation first.

Additional fees

Your distributor may charge a connection or disconnection fee. Any charges will be billed to us and passed on to you.