Ladbroke Grove Power Station

Key Facts:

  • Operational since August 2000
  • 80 MW generating capacity
  • Uses Open Cycle Gas Turbine technology
  • Powered by natural gas
  • Four employees


Ladbroke Grove Power Station is a natural gas-fired peaking power station which became operational in 2000. Ladbroke Grove uses two open cycle gas turbines to generate 80 MW of electricity and supplies power to residential and industrial customers in South Australia.

As a peaking power station, Ladbroke Grove helps meet demand for electricity during periods of high demand for example in summer when air conditioners tend to be extensively used, and throughout winter when there is high demand for heating.


Work began on Ladbroke Grove Power Station in 1998. The first gas turbine generator was commissioned in January 2000 and the second began commercial operation in June 2000.

Ladbroke Grove was officially opened on 16 August 2000 by the Treasurer of South Australia at the time, the Hon Rob Lucas MLC.


Ladbroke Grove is located approximately 45km from Mount Gambier and 9km south of Penola in South Australia.

Map of Ladbroke Grove Power Station

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Lower emission gas-fired power generation

Ladbroke Grove uses natural gas to operate its turbines, sending all 80 MW of power generated to the National Electricity Market. As a gas-fired power station, Ladbroke Grove emits less carbon emissions than a typical coal-fired power station when producing electricity.

Powering Ladbroke Grove Power Station

Ladbroke Grove is fuelled by natural gas from the South East South Australia (SESA) pipeline, which is a 45km pipeline between Poolaijelo in Victoria and the power station. At Poolaijelo it connects to the 680 km South East Australia Gas (SEAGas) pipeline which transports gas from Victoria's gas fields around Port Campbell to Adelaide in South Australia.

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Ladbroke Grove Power Station currently employs four people to run the facility. In addition, during the construction of the SESA pipeline, which took place several years after the power station became operational; more than 100 people were employed.

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