Mt Stuart Power Station

Key Facts:

  • North Queensland's largest power station
  • Operational since January 1999
  • 414 MW generating capacity
  • Six employees
  • Can power 276,000 homes*
  • Can power up to 27.6 million energy efficient light bulbs**


Mt Stuart is a peaking power station with a total capacity of 414 MW, making it the largest power station in North Queensland. As a peaking power station, Mt Stuart is designed to generate power at times of high demand, for example in summer when air conditioners tend to be extensively used and throughout winter when there is high demand for heating. Mt Stuart uses an open cycle gas turbine (OCGT) system.


Mt Stuart Power Station first became operational in January 1999. Origin acquired Mt Stuart in January 2003, at which time it had a capacity of 288 MW. In 2008, Origin undertook an expansion of Mt Stuart, constructing a 126 MW turbine generator.

The expanded Mt Stuart became operational in November 2009 and is now the largest power station in north Queensland with a total capacity of 414 MW.


Mt Stuart Power Station is located approximately 12 km south of Townsville in Queensland in the suburb of Stuart.

Map of Mount Stuart Power Station

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Powering Mt Stuart Power Station

Mt Stuart’s three turbines are fuelled by kerosene which is the same fuel that powers jet engines. All 414 MW of power generated goes into the National Electricity Market.

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*414mws equates to 414 000kws. Multiplying this by 1.501kw equates to 276,000 homes supplied. Source: Energex FY12, peak demand per Queensland residential customer over a three hour period was 1,501 kW.

**414 MW station is 414 million watts. An energy efficient light bulb is generally 15 watts. 414 million divided by 15 = 27.6 million.