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Frequently asked questions

Split system air conditioners

Why buy from Origin?

  • Warm in winter and cool in summer, a reverse cycle room air conditioner from Origin will put the climate in your control throughout all seasons.
  • Be helped by our team of dedicated specialists.
  • Enjoy competitive prices and no obligation quotes.
  • Enjoy peace of mind that your reverse cycle room air conditioners will be installed by our expert licensed installers.
  • Rest assured, knowing you're dealing with Australia's number one green energy provider.

What is a reverse cycle air conditioner and how does it work?

The principle of reverse cycle air conditioning is about a heat pump that works by transferring heat energy from one place to another to keep your room at a comfortable temperature.

Split system room air conditioners are made up of two separate units, one located inside the room and the other outside. They are joined by two insulated copper pipes which circulate a refrigerant. In cooling mode, warm air from the room is drawn into the indoor unit where heat is absorbed and removed. The air is recirculated back into the room providing cool, comfortable living even on the hottest summer day.

By a simple press of a button your heat pump runs in reverse to keep your room cosy and warm on winter days.

Diagram of reverse cycle room air conditioning

Source: picture from yourhome.gov.au 

Reverse cycle room air conditioners uses Inverter technology, which allows for high power operation to cool or heat a room quickly to the desired set temperature. After reaching the set temperature, the operation is maintained at a low constant power.

What is included in a standard air conditioning installation package from Origin?

We provide you with:

  • A reverse cycle room air conditioner to suit your needs
  • A fixed price quotation valid for 14 days
  • Installation at a time that suits you, by a qualified licensed technician

We’ll install your reverse cycle room air conditioner which includes* (terms and conditions apply):

  • A pre-installation site inspection
  • Plastic feet for the base of the outdoor unit
  • Labour, isolating switch, circuit breaker, cables, refrigeration piping and pipe cover
  • Operation manual
  • Commissioning of system
  • Certificate of compliance

*For a full list of standard inclusions and exclusions please refer to terms and conditions  (112KB) on the additional information page. Additional charges may apply for your installation.

What size system do I require?

Calculating the system size for a particular room is important in making sure you will get the most from your reverse cycle room air conditioner.

Estimates will depend on your climate, the efficiency of your house (orientation, glazing and insulation levels), number of occupants, floor area and type, ceiling area and height.

A basic sizing formula is available at from the NSW Department of climate change .

Please call our specialists on 1300 791 468 who can assist with determining the right sized system for your home.

How much will my unit cost to run?

Running costs will depend on a number of factors including; your systems cooling capacity and star rating, the room size that you intend to cool, your systems thermostat settings and operating times and your electricity tariff.

Estimates of 10 year running costs are available from the energy rating website . search “Air conditioners”, then select the brand name followed by the cycle type such as “Reverse cycle”.

How do I make sure I get the best performance from my new reverse cycle room air conditioner?

There are some simple things you can do at home to optimise the performance of your reverse cycle room air conditioner, including:

  • Maintaining airflow around the outdoor unit
  • Keep the temperature of the cooled room in summer between 23 and 26 degrees or between 18 and 21 degrees in winter. It is ideal to check the temperature of the room after 30 minutes of operation.
  • If a hot day is expected, turn on your reverse cycle room air conditioner earlier so it does not have to work as hard when your home becomes hot.
  • Keep windows and doors closed and blinds shut, especially on hot summer days or cold nights.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to care for your reverse cycle room air conditioner.

Can I install the unit myself?

No. Under the Ozone protection and synthetic greenhouse gas management regulations 1995, anyone wanting to install an air conditioner must be a licensed technician who holds a Refrigerant handling licence.

Origin ensures that your reverse cycle room air conditioner will be installed by a licensed technician and complies with the fluorocarbon refrigerant regulations. This will help to protect the environment by preventing harmful refrigerant gas into the atmosphere as well as protecting your product warranty.

What maintenance is required?

Your reverse cycle room air conditioner will require minimal maintenance. It is recommended that filters will need to be cleaned initially every 2 weeks. However if filters are clean, change to monthly. Clean using a vacuum cleaner or warm soapy water. You will be provided with an operations manual on the day of installation which will include instructions on how to care for your air conditioner.

Where do I go if I have a warranty or product issue?

For warranty or product faults, customers can contact us on 1300 791 468 and follow the prompts.

Our trained staff will attempt to troubleshoot the problem and advise on the best course of action.