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Victorian smart meter roll out

As part of the State Government's major technology upgrade to Victoria's electricity infrastructure, most households and small businesses will have their existing electricity meter replaced with a new smart meter by the end of 2013.

About smart meters

Smart meters have many capabilities that the old manually read electricity meters don’t have. Smart meters in Victoria have the ability to:

  • Record electricity consumption in thirty minute intervals;
  • Be remotely read so a meter reader doesn’t have to visit your home or business;
  • Help you to find out how much power you are using and when, allowing you to better manage your own energy consumption;
  • Enable remote connection of your electricity (when you move to a new address);
  • Help distributors detect and locate outages and restore supply more quickly; and
  • Help distributors to monitor and manage the quality of your power supply and to more efficiently manage the electricity network.

Request your data

Data collected from your smart meter can help you find out when you're using the most electricity, which would allow you to attempt to cut your electricity usage during peak times.

To request your data complete a interval meter data request.

More information

For more information about Victoria's smart meter program please refer to the smart meter questions.