Quarantine Power Station

Key Facts:

  • Became operational in 2002
  • Capacity more than doubled to 216 MW in 2009
  • Expansion improved environmental performance
  • Natural gas powered using open cycle gas turbine technology
  • 8 employees
  • Capable of supplying peaking power to more than 130,000 homes*


In 2009, Origin spent $80 million expanding the Quarantine Power Station from 95 MW to 216 MW. The addition of a new gas turbine generator adjacent to the existing plant, allows Origin to meet the demand for peak electricity in South Australia.

Quarantine is an open cycle gas turbine or peaking power plant, which allows for the production of electricity in times of high demand for example in summer when air conditioners tend to be extensively used and throughout winter when there is high demand for heating.


Quarantine Power Station became fully operational in 2002 with the subsequent expansion to 216 MW completed during 2009.

The expansion was undertaken to allow for increased production at Quarantine to help Origin meet the demand for peak electricity in South Australia.


Quarantine Power Station is located on Torrens Island, which is 25km north of Adelaide in South Australia.

Torrens Island is an uninhabited stretch of land bordered by the Port River Estuary along the western side and both the Barker Inlet and an important mangrove ecosystem along the eastern side. Much of the island is subject to tidal inundation and the mangrove habitat is a designated conservation park.

Map of Quarantine Power Station

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Lower emission gas-fired power generation

Quarantine Power Station uses natural gas to operate its turbines, sending all 216 MW of power generated to the National Electricity Market. As a gas-fired power station, Quarantine produces less carbon emissions than a typical coal-fired power station when generating electricity.

Powering Quarantine Power Station

The power station is fuelled by natural gas from two sources. The 680 km South East Australia Gas (SEAGas) pipeline transports gas from Port Campbell in Victoria up to the power station in Adelaide, South Australia. Quarantine also receives natural gas through the 1185 km Moomba to Adelaide Pipeline System (MAPS), which transports gas from the Cooper Basin production and processing facilities.

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Based on added load requirement of 1.66 kWh per household (Est cooling or heating of typical lounge/dining room) (Source) .