Renewable energy sources

Origin shares the community’s concerns about climate change and we’ve been a long time supporter of measures to reduce carbon emissions and provide clean energy options. Each and every day our challenge is to deliver reliable, affordable and cleaner energy to millions of Australian households.


Can buy and generate enough wind energy to power the equivalent of around 330,000 homes1


Around 400,000 green energy customer accounts, more than any other energy retailer2


Installed solar panels on 75,000 Australian homes and over ten years experience in solar power

Renewable Energy Target

In our view, a sustainable future for all Australians requires the balanced application of environmental, social and economic policy.

Origin continues to be a supporter of the Renewable Energy Target.

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Australia's Renewable Energy Sources

Historically, Australia’s energy supply has been based on having access to relatively affordable and abundant coal. The majority of Australia's power is still generated in large power stations using traditional fossil fuels.

The large hydro schemes built in the 1950s and 1960s like Snowy Hydro, saw the first major sources of renewable energy in Australia. Nowadays, wind and solar are becoming a bigger part of the energy mix.


Wind and solar power are intermittent energy sources because they rely on nature and the sun doesn’t always shine and wind doesn’t always blow, so they can’t be relied on solely to provide baseload power 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Gas-fired generators (with around half the carbon emission of coal when used to generate electricity) can be turned on and off very quickly to provide the backup required to support Australia’s intermittent renewable generators.


Wind and solar could contribute more to Australia’s baseload power if their energy could be stored for times when the natural energy source is unavailable, but storage technologies are still a while off from being a viable solution.

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Your green energy options

Reduce the carbon impact of your energy usage and help support the development of renewable energy in Australia.

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Origin’s role in generating renewable energy

We have a history of supporting the development of renewable energy projects, both domestically and further afield, and have diverse renewable interests in wind, geothermal, hydro and solar technologies.

While our prior joint ventures to develop geothermal power in Central Australia and new types of solar cells with Transform Solar have not proven to be commercially successful to-date, they demonstrate our commitment over many years to directly invest in potential energy options for Australia.

Origin has done more than 75,000 direct solar PV installations, and around 360,000 Origin customers in Australia have electricity tariffs reflecting that they have solar PV installed.

Origin also has significant renewable generation plants through its 53.1 per cent investment in New Zealand’s Contact Energy, which generates more than half of its electricity from geothermal and hydro resources3.

View a map of our operations to see where Origin is developing a select portfolio of international renewable energy opportunities in countries such as Chile, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

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  1. Based on 700 MW portfolio of owned and contracted wind power, a conservative capacity factor of 35 per cent and average household electricity consumption of 6.5 MWh per annum.
  2. Comparison with other retailers is based on the GreenPower Accredited Renewable Energy Quarterly Report Q1 March 2014