Our approach to sustainability is anchored in our Compass

Today, access to a reliable supply of energy is considered a basic right in most developed countries, and it underpins our modern standard of living. Our community has come to expect a reliable and competitively priced energy supply, and is increasingly expecting this energy to be produced and consumed on a more sustainable basis.

At Origin, we produce and procure energy to supply to millions of residential and business customers. In doing this we often face complex choices as we try to meet the expectations of our stakeholders.

Each year, we produce a Sustainability Report to explain to stakeholders how we are making these choices.

We approach challenges with confidence, knowing that our Compass will help us to make good decisions today, and every day.

Assessing what is material to our performance

During 2013, we made an initial assessment of activities Origin undertakes which are of most interest to our business and our stakeholders. The result is a list of what we call our Material Aspects.

We believe that if we manage these Material Aspects well then we can be confident our business is being managed sustainably.

We identify and discuss our management of 16 Material Aspects in our 2013 Sustainability Report. Over time, we expect to continue to identify and report on additional material aspects.

We also use the most recent guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative, G4, to produce a DataZone in our online report with more detailed information on our performance.


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Energy Developments

Origin finds, develops, produces and procures energy from a range of sources including natural gas, coal, geothermal, hydro and wind. Development of these resources involves large, capital-intensive projects, which tend to occur in rural and regional communities. This brings Origin into contact with a diverse range of stakeholders, from local communities and landholders, to community representatives such as governments and media.

Our developments can both impact and create benefits for our stakeholders. In our 2013 Sustainability Report we look at activities that are of most importance to our stakeholders and business at this time. Over the past year these have ranged from social issues such as land access and housing availability, to environmental issues such as the role of natural gas as a cleaner energy source, and the potential impact of CSG on water resources.

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Energy developments

Delivering energy

Delivering Energy

Origin is the leading Australian energy provider. We have 4.3 million customer accounts across electricity, natural gas and LPG. We are also one of the largest power generators, representing approximately 13 per cent of total National Electricity Market (NEM) capacity.

We therefore play an important role in the delivery of reliable, affordable and cleaner energy supply which millions of households rely on every day. Over the past year, we faced some social challenges in the delivery of energy; particularly as we sought to help our customers manage rising costs. This created a range of associated challenges for our business, including the delivery of competitive tariffs and offers, assisting those in hardship and improving customer service.

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Future Energy Solutions

As well as delivering customers a secure, reliable and affordable supply of energy today, we continue to carefully examine a range of opportunities - both domestically and further afield - that will enable us to create tomorrow's energy solutions. We continue to progress a range of future energy opportunities, with a primary focus on natural gas and renewable fuels including hydro and geothermal.

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Future energy solutions

Managing our business

Managing our business

Origin employs approximately 6,000 people predominantly across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. We also employ a similar number of contractors on our various energy developments. There are a number of activities we need to do well in order to ensure effective management of our business. This includes activities associated with our finance, legal, information technology, people and culture, public policy and other corporate functions.

The activities currently most important to the effective management of our business are the safety of our people, the Company's financial performance, our efforts to improve gender diversity and advocating for efficient and effective policy settings from governments

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Value Distribution

We strive to grow our business and create value to share sustainably with all of our stakeholders. As a business, we believe it is important to create and sustainably distribute value among our key stakeholders. This year, there was a substantial increase in the value we distributed to key stakeholders. We distributed $15.1 billion, which was up from $13.1 billion in the prior year.

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Value distribution