LPG cylinder safety for bushfire areas

What to do before evacuating (only if safe to do so)

  • Turn off the LPG cylinder at the valve on top (turn in direction of arrows)
  • Leave the cylinder where installed – upright, secured to something solid and on a stable base
  • Remove cylinders attached to wooden structures (such as barbecues) and place upright on a solid base
  • Remove anything combustible around your gas cylinders.


  • Put cylinders inside a house, garage or shed as they may present a hazard to firefighters
  • Lay a cylinder on its side - it is designed to vent gas if it heats up and becomes over-pressurised
  • Cover a cylinder with wet material - it might dry out and combust, heating the cylinder.

Be prepared

  • Make sure you and your family have prepared and practiced an escape plan in case of bushfire
  • Talk to your state's fire service for information and safety tips for your area.

In case of emergency

  • In life threatening situations, call 000 (fire/ambulance/police)
  • For gas emergencies, please call us on 1800 808 526.