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GreenPower & Green Gas

With Government accredited Origin GreenPower and Green Gas, you can help reduce the impact of your energy consumption.

What is GreenPower?

GreenPower is Government accredited renewable electricity generated from a source built since 1997. Only those products that meet the stringent rules and guidelines of the Government's GreenPower accreditation program can carry the accredited GreenPower tick.

This is your guarantee that Origin's GreenPower products are fully accredited by the Government.


How does GreenPower work?

When you purchase one of our GreenPower products, we'll have the chosen percentage of your electricity consumption matched into the electricity grid with electricity from GreenPower accredited renewable sources which include:

  • Wind generation, using the energy from the wind to turn blades on wind turbines to produce electricity.
  • Hydro generation, using power that is derived from the force or energy of moving water to produce electricity.
  • Solar generation, using solar cells (photovoltaic cells) to convert the sun's rays into electricity.
  • Biomass and biogas, this involves using organic sources such as plant material or methane gas from rubbish tips to generate electricity.

The GreenPower website has a list of all GreenPower generators registered with the program. Visit http://www.greenpower.gov.au

Did GreenPower change after 1 July 2012?

The GreenPower program did not change with the introduction of the carbon scheme on 1 July 2012.

Your choice of GreenPower will continue to have a direct impact on renewable energy generation, over and above the Government targets.
You can still purchase a range of GreenPower products for your home or business to suit your needs. You can download a GreenPower factsheet and learn more about how GreenPower interacts with the carbon price on www.greenpower.gov.au.

If I have GreenPower, why did I still experience an electricity price rise on 1 July 2012 due to the carbon scheme?

Homes and businesses including those which purchase GreenPower, receive their electricity supply from the National Energy Market grid which is affected by the carbon price. It is not possible to direct renewable energy to a particular property.

An energy bill for a GreenPower customer contains two components:

  • Electricity supply and usage charges – which increased due to the introduction of the carbon scheme and other factors such as upgrading of the supply networks
  • GreenPower charges – which did NOT increase due to the carbon scheme, and Origin has actually discounted some of these prices from 1 July 2012 to reduce the impact of the carbon scheme on your overall electricity bill

How does Origin treat its GreenPower products after the introduction of the carbon scheme?

Origin has reduced some of the GreenPower charges for new and existing customers, to acknowledge the valuable contribution they make to reduce their carbon emissions.
See the pricing table below.

For existing 100% GreenPower customers, the reduction is designed to offset the impact of the carbon scheme on the overall electricity bill. For existing 50% GreenPower customers, the reduction is designed to offset the impact on 50% of the overall electricity bill, in line with your 50% GreenPower product choice. This means the overall bill will still increase but by a much smaller amount compared to most other customers.

What is Green Gas?

We offer Australia's first Green gas to help minimise the impact of your gas consumption on greenhouse gas emissions. When you choose Origin Green Gas we offset the greenhouse gas emissions generated from your gas consumption. You'll receive supply in the same way as before, but you'll be doing your bit for the environment.

How does Green Gas work?

We estimate the emissions produced by your natural gas consumption and offset them, by the tonne, through our independently audited Carbon Reduction SchemeTM, which supports a range of verified greenhouse gas offset programs. For every tonne of emissions generated from your gas usage, we arrange for one tonne of emission reduction to occur. Listed below is the 2012 calendar year Origin Green Gas audit reports demonstrating Origin have offset your Green Gas emissions:

The Carbon Reduction Scheme rules have changed in December 2012.

The Carbon Reduction Scheme (CRS) rules were updated in December 2012 to:

  • enable offsets from the Carbon Farming Initiative to be used in CRS
  • remove references to the "GoGreen Calculator" that was decommissioned in November 2011
  • remove the quantitative restriction on legitimate forestry offsets, and
  • reflect changes to Origin's management structure.

If you would like more information on the changes to the Carbon Reduction Scheme rules please look at the updated December 2012 Carbon Reduction Scheme rules  (584KB).

How much does Green Gas cost?

Green Gas prices are not changing, and remain $1 a week for 100% Green Gas. Green Gas at $1 per week is available on all residential natural gas products.

How much does Origin GreenPower cost?

Pricing of Green Products varies according to your state, tariff type and any Energy Plans. But you can use this table as a rough guide to the extra cost our Green product options might add to your energy bill:

Green energy option^ Cost (inc. GST) Est. extra cost
25% GreenPower* Show tip
Benefits: Choosing 25% Origin GreenPower reduces your household greenhouse gas emissions from electricity use by a quarter over a year. That's equivalent to not using power for 3 months!¹

$1 extra per week

$1.00 per week
$13.00 per bill

50% GreenPower* Show tip
Benefits: The Greenhouse Gas Emissions saved from switching the average household's# electricity to 50% GreenPower is like living without power for 6 months.¹

1.54c extra per kWh

$2.00 per week
$26.00 per bill

100% GreenPower* Show tip
Benefits: By purchasing this product you are helping² to combat climate change.

3.08c extra per kWh

$4.00 per week
$53.00 per bill

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* The optional green contribution (inc. GST) is an additional charge to electricity rates. Electricity estimations based on a customer consuming 7,000 kWhs of electricity per annum. Quarterly bills are approximately 13 weeks/91 days.

# Average household consumption assumed to be 7,000 kWh/year (as per Energy Use in the Australian Residential Sector Report, Dept of Climate Change, 2008) with an emissions factor of 1kgCO2e = 1kWh.

¹ At an emissions factor of 1 kg CO2e = 1 kWh.

² In accordance with Australia’s Kyoto target.