Green energy

With Government accredited Origin GreenPower electricity and our Green Gas product, you can help reduce the impact of your electricity and natural gas usage by reducing your household’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Existing customers, you can sign up for any of our GreenPower options, simply log onto My Account.



GreenPower is Government accredited renewable electricity generated from a source built since 1997. Only those products that meet the stringent rules and guidelines of the Government's GreenPower Accreditation Program can carry the accredited GreenPower tick.


This is your guarantee that Origin's GreenPower products are fully accredited by the Government.

By choosing GreenPower we'll make sure we source the equivalent of the chosen percentage of your electricity usage from GreenPower accredited renewable sources, like solar and wind.

GreenPower charges may depend on your energy plan or agreement.

The table below is a guide to the extra cost our GreenPower options could add to your electricity bill, based on annual electricity usage of 5,000kWh and a 13 week quarterly bill.

GreenPower option Charge (inc. GST) Estimated extra cost
25% GreenPower $1.00 extra per week $1.00 per week or $13.00 per quarterly bill
50% GreenPower 1.99c extra per kWh $1.85 per week or $25.00 per quarterly bill
100% GreenPower 3.97c extra per kWh $3.85 per week or $50.00 per quarterly bill

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Greenpower Prices have increased since 1 February 2015?

GreenPower prices increased by 12% for 20% and 25% GP customers. For a typical residential customer, this equates to an additional $8 per year for a 20% customer and $10 per year (GST inclusive) for a 25% customer. GreenPower prices increased by 29% for 50% and 100% GP customers. For a typical residential customer, this equates to an additional $26 per year for a 50% customer and $52 per year (GST inclusive) for a 100% customer.

Why have GreenPower prices gone up?

Prices have gone up to better reflect the cost of supplying green power to customers. This is the first increase in GreenPower prices in more than three years. Origin’s GreenPower products are still very competitively priced. Green energy is a great way to reduce your impact on the environment.

When you purchase one of our GreenPower products, we'll have the chosen percentage of your electricity usage matched into the electricity grid with electricity from GreenPower accredited renewable sources which include:

Wind generation

Wind generation

Using the energy from the wind to turn blades on wind turbines to produce electricity.

Hydro generation

Mini hydro generation

Using power that is derived from the force or energy of moving water to produce electricity.

Solar generation

Solar generation

Using solar cells (photovoltaic cells) to convert the sun's rays into electricity.

Biomass and biogas

Biomass and biogas

This involves using organic sources such as plant material or methane gas from rubbish tips to generate electricity.

GreenPower sources

With a diverse portfolio of energy products and solutions, we proudly source Large-Scale Generation Certificates (LGCs) from GreenPower accredited generators, both small and large. Here's just a few of our GreenPower suppliers for 2014. The GreenPower website  has a list of all GreenPower generators registered with the program.

Challicum Hills Windfarm

Challicum Hills
Near Ararat in Western Victoria

35 Towers

Waubra Windfarm

35 km North West of Ballarat

128 Towers

Snowtown Windfarm

150 km North of Adelaide

47 Towers

Cullerin Range Windfarm

Cullerin Range
30 km West of Goulburn

15 Towers

Green Gas

We offer Australia's first Green Gas to help minimise the impact of your natural gas usage on greenhouse gas emissions.

When you choose Green Gas, we’ll make sure that the greenhouse gas emissions from your natural gas use are offset through our independently audited Carbon Reduction Scheme. You'll receive supply in the same way as before, but you'll be doing your bit for the environment.

Green Gas charges are $1 a week for 100% Green Gas. Green Gas at $1 per week is available on all residential natural gas agreements.

Choose Green LPG if you have bottled gas at your home.

When you choose Green Gas, we estimate the greenhouse gas emissions produced by your natural gas use and make sure that they’re offset through our independently audited Carbon Reduction Scheme.

For every tonne of emissions generated from your natural gas usage, we arrange for one tonne of emission reduction to occur. Listed below is the 2013 calendar year Origin Green Gas audit reports demonstrating Origin have offset your Green Gas emissions: