Mortlake Power Station

Key Facts:

  • 550 MW gas-fired open cycle power station
  • Largest gas-fired power station in Victoria
  • An 83km underground natural gas transmission pipeline connects Mortlake to the Otway Gas Plant at Port Campbell
  • Option to further expand the power station in line with future market demand
  • Eight employees
  • Allows Origin to meet electricity demand in Victoria


At 550 MW, the Mortlake Power Station near Mortlake in south Western Victoria is the largest gas-fired power station in the state.

Completed in August 2012, Mortlake is a highly efficient open cycle power station, which supplies peaking power to Victorian homes in times of high electricity demand. Gas-fired peaking power stations are important for meeting demand for electricity, as they have the ability to be turned on remotely at approximately five minutes' notice. The development of Mortlake Power Station also involved construction of a dedicated 83km gas pipeline, completed in March 2010, to connect the power station to the Otway Gas Plant in Port Campbell.

Origin developed Mortlake Power Station to provide the flexibility to adapt to future market conditions. Origin has the option to expand the capacity of Mortlake Power Station in line with future market demand, and it could also be converted to a highly efficient, low carbon emissions combined cycle plant.


On 4 July 2008, the Origin Board announced the investment decision to proceed with construction of the 550 MW Mortlake Power Station. This decision followed an extensive five year planning process, which included community consultation, developing the environmental effects statement and working through the formal approvals process.

The first of Mortlake's two units was successfully completed in January 2012 and the second unit completed final commissioning in August 2012.


The power station is located 12km west of the township of Mortlake in South-western Victoria (approximately 200km west of Melbourne.) The site was chosen due to a range of factors, including its access to the 500 kV high voltage electricity transmission line, well serviced state highways and roads, the suitability of the land for construction and its proximity to Origin's gas reserves in the offshore Otway Basin.

Map of Mortlake Power Station

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Lower emission gas-fired power generation

Mortlake Power Station uses natural gas to operate its turbines and produces significantly less carbon emissions than typical coal-fired power stations.

Powering Mortlake Power Station

The natural gas used to power Mortlake is sourced from the Otway Basin, including gas processed at the Origin-operated Otway Gas Plant at Warre, near Port Campbell. It is transported via a dedicated 83km natural gas pipeline, which stretches through the Timboon, Brucknell, Garvoc and Terang districts.

Figure: How the Power Station Works

Diagram of typical large gas turbine

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