American Samoa

We are located in American Samoa, area 77 sq. miles, population 62,000.

Blessed with spectacular scenery and delightful South Seas climate, American Samoa is the most southerly of all lands under US Sovereignty.

American Samoa is an unincorporated Territory consisting of six small islands. The islands are 2,600 miles south west of Honolulu. American Samoa became a US Territory in February 1900 by a treaty with the United Kingdom and Germany in 1899. Local Chiefs ceded the islands in 1900.

Origin Energy has been operating in its own right in American Samoa since 1989, having then purchased Blue Flame Gas. Since that time, we have expanded the terminal storage capacity and upgraded both storage and distribution facilities. Our latest effort is a brand new showroom at Nu'uuli, located on the main road. Come and inspect our wide range of appliances and pick up a smart purchase along the way.

Although the majority of LPG users are domestic, we do supply large commercial users such as McDonald's, StarKist cannery, Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Tradewinds Hotel and other major restaurants and hotels. Our trained service and distribution staff ensure highly reliable supply and efficient operation of the appliances, providing value to customers.

Our major product name brands such as Frigidaire, Cookon, Blue Seal, Waldorf, Imperial, and Speed Queen are imported from various countries. So contact us for all your gas needs - whether as a new consumer or one who's looking to optimise their current equipment. After all, we're here to help you! For more information, please contact us.