Communities in which we operate

Origin respects the rights and interests of the communities in which we operate by working safely and being mindful of, and attentive to, environmental and social impacts of our projects and operations.

Working with communities

Origin understands we are part of the communities in which we work and believes in building long-term relationships and helping communities to be sustainable.

Origin works closely with landholders, both directly involved with and those close-by our operations, to ensure agriculture and gas developments can co-exist effectively together.

Origin understands that farming land is important. To ensure impacts to farmland are minimised, we look for ways to go beyond the environmental requirements of government policy by working with landholders to tailor plans that work for their individual situations.

We research and monitor effects on communities and have mitigation plans to address and manage impacts and concerns.

Our Landholder Relations Advisors work with landholders to understand their businesses and requirements and work in partnership with them to create Property Management Plans that will work for both Origin and the landholder.

We work with communities and landholders who we are impacting, to ensure we undertake our projects in the least disruptive way possible, both environmentally and socially. We progressively rehabilitate the land that we disturb; we minimise the size of the well leases we use and where possible we use drill rigs which create minimal disturbance to land. We need to gain and maintain the support of communities in which we work - we believe that our social license to operate is critical to the success of our projects.

Miles affordable housing project
Miles airport

Investing in local needs

Origin is committed to supporting the interests of the communities in which we operate. We take a strategic approach to engaging with communities, working to invest and respond to issues that are meaningful to them.

Our approach to community investment includes four arms:

  • social infrastructure,
  • partnerships,
  • sponsorships and donations, and
  • giving through volunteering.

Providing local jobs

Origin expects to make a considerable contribution to regional economies through the purchase and use of local goods and services, where practicable. We also look to create local jobs and career opportunities.

Career opportunities
Maguire coaches

Supporting local suppliers

Our commitment to supporting sustainable communities includes sourcing goods, supplies and services from local business and supporting local suppliers , whenever it is viable to do so.

Local partnerships to support communities

Through its own projects, and as upstream operator of the Australia Pacific LNG project, Origin has experience in engaging with local communities to develop skills through programs providing apprenticeships, scholarships and vocational training.

Origin delivers, on behalf of Australia Pacific LNG, initiatives such as the Community Skills Scholarships Program and the Caring About Road Safety Program.

The Community Skills Scholarship Program provides support for young adults choosing to embark on new careers in any trade they like – the trades don’t need to be related to the gas or energy industries. The program helps to keep young people to in their local communities by assisting them to complete training and obtain a head start in their career.

The Caring About Road Safety Program is a partnership with RACQ designed to equip young drivers with driving skills and the ‘right’ mindset to help them to be safer on country roads.

Community Skills Scholarship Program
Caring About Road Safety Program

Sponsorships and donations

Origin looks for sponsorships and partnerships that reflect our brand values. To submit an application, download our sponsorship sponsorship application form  (271KB).

Our key program dates for 2014 are listed below:

  • Round 2: 1 April – 30 June 2014
    (recommended if your event/activity is in September 2014 onwards, due to time required for processing and to ensure maximum lead time prior to the event.)

  • Round 3: 1 July – 30 September 2014
    (recommended if your event/activity is in December 2014 onwards, due to time required for processing and to ensure maximum lead time prior to the event.)

  • Round 4: 1 October – 31 December 2014
    (recommended if your event/activity is in March 2015 onwards, due to time required for processing and to ensure maximum lead time prior to the event.)

Results will be announced after the applications close for each round. If an application is submitted after the funding round closing date, it will be assessed in the next round.

If you have any questions about the funding round process, please call us on 1800 526 369 or email

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